Creamy Potato Soup

gluten free & dairy free

GF Potato Soup


6 servings


Gluten Free & Dairy Free


50 minutes



This gluten free potato soup is thick and creamy with no flour or dairy. It can easily be made vegan by using vegetable broth. It's a family favorite that you're going to love!


Saute the aromatics.

Step 1

Add the potatoes, seasoning and broth. Simmer until potatoes are soft.

Step 2

Puree half of the vegetables with an immersion blender.

Step 3

Add non-dairy milk, vegan sour cream and nutritional yeast.

Step 4

Let sit for 5 minutes, then serve. 

Step 5

A cozy gluten free & dairy free dinner. 

As a lifelong baker who had to go gluten free and dairy free in 2016, Tiffany strives to share allergen friendly recipes that never feel like they are free from anything.

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