Gluten Free  Banana Walnut  Pancakes 

Well Fed Baker 

These fluffy gluten free and dairy free banana walnut pancakes are one of our favorite weekend breakfasts.  They are easy to make from scratch and they taste just like banana bread!

gluten free 1-to-1 flour

cinnamon & salt


baking powder and baking soda

oil such as coconut oil

maple syrup


non-dairy milk



Simple Ingredients 

How To Make Banana Walnut Pancakes 

Step 1: Mash ripe banana thoroughly.

Step 2: Whisk the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

Step 3: Whisk your egg in a small bowl until it’s frothy.  Step 4: Whisk together wet and dry ingredients. It's okay if it's a little lumpy.

Step 5: Fold in the nuts  with a spatula.  Step 6: Cook & eat!

Visit the blog for the full recipe. I hope you love it!

 I strive to make gluten free dishes that are not just good enough, but better than their gluten counterparts. Living without gluten doesn't need to mean living without yum. 

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