Gluten Free Tiramisu Cake

dairy free too!

Tiramisu Cake


8 slices


Gluten Free & Dairy Free


1 hour 30 minutes



This amazing layer cake inspired by tiramisu, will have you asking for just one more slice!


It's gluten free and dairy free!

Why you'll love this tiramisu cake

It uses a combination of dairy free cream cheese, vegan butter and coconut cream to mimic the marscapone cream that comes in tiramisu.

Why you'll love this tiramisu cake

The cake comes out perfectly moist and soft (no one will guess it's gluten free).

Why you'll love this tiramisu cake

I find the flavors of this cake actually improve over time and the moistness remains thanks to the coffee soak.

As a lifelong baker who had to go gluten free and dairy free in 2016, Tiffany strives to share allergen friendly recipes that never feel like they are free from anything.

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