Milk Bar Birthday Cake Recipe

gluten free and dairy free

Milk Bar Birthday Cake Recipe


10 slices


Gluten Free & Dairy Free


2 hours 42 minutes



No need to travel to NYC to taste the famous Milk Bar Birthday Cake. This copycat recipe is just like the original made gluten free and dairy free.


Prepare the cake batter according to the directions  and bake.

Step 1

Cool the cake then use your pastry ring to cut 2 six inch circles and 2 half circles.

Step 2

Place your ring on a serving plate. Line the inside of the ring with acetate, and place the two half pieces of cake in the bottom of the ring. 

Step 3

Use a pastry brush to soak the cake layer with a portion of the vanilla milk.

Step 4

Top with a thin layer of frosting.

Step 5

Top the frosting with crunchy crumbles, then another layer of frosting.

Step 6

Repeat the steps for the second and third layers. Place cake in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Step 7

Everyone will want this cake for their birthday!

As a lifelong baker who had to go gluten free and dairy free in 2016, Tiffany strives to share allergen friendly recipes that never feel like they are free from anything.

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